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Only a 7 day stay required in the first year
(14 days per year for the next 4 years)

E.U.Citizenship & Passport
(through Portugal´s 5 year Golden Visa Program)



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Our advisory service ensures that you always have a point person to follow your process for the duration of the Golden Visa from understanding your total cost structure to permanent residency, citizenship and passport.

We have put together a comprehensive proposal with updated total costs for 2024  with a long established top Lisbon law firm and fund that together will offer you peace of mind and an understanding that you are dealing with the right people.

When scheduling your consultation with the law firm and fund kindly give us some calender flexibilty as currently the demand is high.


Capital transfer of 500,000 Euros or higher to invest in a fund or venture capital fund incorporated under Portuguese law which is dedicated to the capitalisation of companies, whose maturity at the moment of the investment is at least five years and with 60% of the investment portfolio realised in commercial companies with their head office in Portugal. The most conservative and safest GV fund proposed is a tech fund offering a 10% per year return payable after a minimum of  5-6 years based on a well established 25 year performance track record. Schedule a video or in person meeting directly with the fund in Lisbon at your convenience to meet the team and discuss the portfolio.

In the interest of protecting and securing our clients investment, our program is not available for other funds not approved by us.


Be either non-EU, non-Swiss, or non-EEA

• Have a clean criminal record certificate from the Country of origin and from the country of official residence

• Make an eligible investment in Portugal under the Portuguese Golden Visa program, with funds transferred from outside of Portugal

• Stay in Portugal for a minimum of 7 days, consecutive or non-consecutive, for the first year and 14 days a year for each of the subsequent 4 years completing the 5 year required period.


No age requirement / No education requirement / No work skills requirement / No income requirement



Why Portugal


Access to Live, Study and Work in Portugal:

Ability to live and work in Portugal - a safe EU country with affordable living costs, wonderful climate, good infrastructure and a high quality of life.

Visa- Free Travel in Schengen Area:

Visa free access throughout the Schengen area which includes 27 EU Countries.

Investment in a Stable European Economy:

Investing in Portugal means investing in a promising economy obtaining competitive returns, while also getting the residency and consequently the option for EU citizenship as a bonus.

Path to EU Citizenship & Passport:

Option to apply for Portuguese Citizenship & Passport after the fifth year while still keeping other citizenship(s). If the applicant and his family become Portuguese (EU) citizens they will enjoy multiple benefits such as having the right to live, work and study anywhere in the EU and travel to over 180 countries visa free!

Low Stay Requirements:

Applicants do not need to live in Portugal - all that is needed is to stay in the country for 7 consecutive or non-consecutive days the first year and 14 days per year for subsequent four years completing the 5 year requirement for Permanent Residency and path to citizenship

Family Reunification:

Also grants privileges for investor’s family members. The programme includes family reunification, meaning that a spouse, dependent children and dependent parents can be included. They can all live and work in Portugal and travel freely within the Schengen area, as well as enjoy all the visas’ benefits.


Resident Benefits:

If applicants and their family do decide to reside in Portugal, they have the ability to apply for access to free public services such as healthcare and education.


Favourable Tax Scheme:

For non-tax residents, global income is not taxable (only income derived in Portugal). For tax residents, there is a very beneficial tax regime (non-habitual residency) exempting many of the resident’s income for up to 10 years.

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